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Face fit testing

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Who should attend?

This course is for anyone involved in construction or other industries that might be exposed to respiratory hazards such as dust, fumes Asbestos, paint mists, Vapours, biological hazards.

Aims and objectives

The Aim of the test is to establish that anyone that wears face masks in the workplace that the mask is adequate and does not leak the test will establish this by the wearer undertaking a qualitative test.

Course Material

The wearer of the mask will be subjected to a qualitative face fit test, he or she will have to wear a hood and then they will have to undertake a sensitivity test, once there sensitivity is established the wearer will then have to undertake the face fit test, this will involve a series of exercises, with objective of mimicking a workplace scenario, the test will establish if the mask is adequate for the wearers face, the wearer will also have to prove that he is able to don the mask correctly.
Before conducting the test the wearer must not eat an hour before smoke and it is essential that they are clean shaven.


The face fit test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.


At the end of the test a record of the test will be issued if the wearer passes.

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