How to deliver a great tool box talk


Ideally delivered by the Supervisors/ line Managers
Make sure its not generic.
Schedule it prior to starting the shift.
Do it at the coalface on site.
Make sure its relevant to something that has happened on site or something that is a potential hazard.
Don’t drag it out get to the point short and concise about 10 minutes.
Make it interesting and amusing put in the odd safety quiz
Make sure it circulated to all contractors.
Get workers to participate
Encourage hazard spotting and the best hazards spots should be highlighted in the TBT with nominated charities receiving reward.

The results
Promoting Safety awareness and getting workers to get actively involved.
Making workers have a greater Awareness of their surroundings.
It provides vital information to workers if delivered correctly you could be having a positive influence on a positive safety culture.
It provides vital information on accidents near misses, and causes of accidents, and will encourage the reporting of these.
It helps to encourage workers to discuss their experiences that help to review safety procedures in future.